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indiana auto insurance
Hartke Insurance Indiana auto insurance
Our rates are some of the very best for Preferred Homeowners.
If you have a home less than 50 years old, good credit,
and no losses let us find you the lowest pricing NOW!
indiana auto insurance
indiana auto insurance

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indiana auto insurance

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What Indiana Residents are saying about Hartke Insurance:

  "Indiana's most affordable auto rates..."

  "Wow - LOW, LOW auto insurance prices..."

  "Call them to save money on your auto insurance..."

  "Some of the best insurance quotes online, period..."

* (No coverage bound until receipt of signed applications and valid payment is received and acknowledged by our office. Full coverage policies may require a vehicle inspection, and some quotations may take longer.)

indiana auto insurance

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Number of units: 1 family Duplex
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Tar/Gravel Spanish Tile
Metal Other
Number of stories: One 1.5
Two Three
Do you own animals or pets? Yes No
If yes, list type/for dogs, list breed:
Are You Near Brush Area? Yes No
# of feet to nearest
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Name of Carrier & how long insured?
If insured, what is are you currently paying per 12 months?   $
Prior Claims? Yes No
Describe claims in detail:
Rate Your Credit History and Past Insurance Payment History:
(Some companies products are
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Poor Horrible
Have you ever had a ticket for Reckless Driving, DUI, Leaving the Scene, had a license suspended, or a Felony Conviction? Yes No
Plumbing type: Copper Galvanized
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Circuit Breakers or fuses? Breakers Fuses
Do You Have 100 Amp
Electrical Service?
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# Bedrooms: # Bathrooms:
# Fireplaces: # Chimneys:
Special features
(i.e., deck, air conditioning, alarm systems, pool, etc.)
Dwelling Cov. $ Contents $
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($250, $500, $1,000, etc.)
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indiana auto insurance  
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indiana auto insurance
indiana auto insurance